Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dress Up Fun

Tamati loves to dress-up.  Just a few photos of his superhero cape and pirate bandana.  

Arahia’s Pillowcase dresses.

These pillowcase dresses are all over Pinterest and are so quick and easy to make.    As we live in a very hot climate these dresses were perfect for my daughter, but she has quickly outgrown them so will be making up a few more soon.  With all the hundreds of pictures of Arahia we have I was surprised to not find many pics of these dresses as she practically lived in them for two months.  

Tamati’s Library bag.

Tamati’s Library bag.
My son recently developed an obsession with pirates.  This coincided with his old library bag losing the handle.  He therefore decided it was time for me to make him a new pirate library bag.  This was a pretty easy make and took about an hour to sew up, with the name taking me about another hour of hand sewing.  I was very pleased with how it turned out that I decided to whip up another one for my friend’s daughter who was turning three.  Tamati was very impressed and proudly told me that it was the coolest library bag in his class.

Here is the link to my original inspiration and the tutorial I used.