Thursday, 15 October 2015

Arahia's Birthday Tiara

The main reason that I never have any time for sewing has just turned 1.  Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl.

I always try and include something homemade into my children's birthday gifts.  This year my son asked for a star wars birthday party, he really wanted a Darth Vadar cake.  Unfortunately, my craftiness does not extend to baking, but purely for the entertainment value I've included pics of my cake against my pinned inspiration.

The Inspiration

My version

Thankfully, at the age of 1, Arahia can't yet express what she wants.  So this year it was Mama's choice, and my little princess definitely needed a tiara.  Nice and simple to make, not nice and simple to keep on.  I did manage to get some photos before she ripped it off.

The Inspiration