Monday, 20 July 2015

New Look 6145

Up until now I have avoided blogging about anything I've made for myself as I was so uncomfortable getting any photos taken.  However, my favourite part of other sewing blogs is seeing the clothes they have made.  In fact, before selecting a new pattern I always do a quick google search to see how the clothes look on real women.  So here it is, my first blog post featuring me.

As I'm starting back at work this August I have been busy sewing up work clothes.  I love this pattern and this is the second dress I have made from it.  This time I chose to make up view A, with the sleeves from D.  I used a chevron navy and white knit.  (I love sewing with knit, as there is no messing around finishing off seams)

So here we go, photos of me wearing the finished dress.

Lessons I learnt making this dress.

  • Always iron your invisible zipper first.  It really does make it so much easier.  I also learnt that I may have to revisit some online tutorials.  My zips are getting better and I was quite proud of this one but I'm stuffed if I can figure out the top of them.
Looking pretty good, until ...

... you zip it all the way up.

  • Always measure yourself first and check your measurements against the pattern.  I ended up having to take in the side seams a lot, which of course then played havoc with me fitting in the sleeves.  Nevermind, we'll pretend that those pleats under the sleeve were meant to be there.

  • Don't try and sew when the baby is awake.  She may have enjoyed sitting on the sewing machine pedal but I didn't enjoy unpicking all the extra sewing I did because of it.

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