Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Baby Buggy Handle Cover

After two children and being used in the harsh African climate the protective cover on my baby buggy handle perished away.  I originally asked my husband to try and fix it and this was his solution.

It really wasn't ideal as the tape soon started to melt in the heat and every time I used the buggy I was left with sticky hands.  Well, I've always been told if you want something done properly you better do it yourself.  So here is my version of fixing the handle.

My husband grumbled about pushing the baby with a pink handle, so just for him I made it reversable.

It wasn't difficult at all and took me less than an hour to make.  Here are the steps, illustrated by photos.

I know this is not my most exciting post ever, but two weeks ago I returned to work after my year of maternity leave.  We also moved house last week, so unfortunately I haven't had as much time to be crafty.