Saturday, 5 September 2015

New Look 6843

As I've mentioned before, my favourite posts on other sewing blogs are the women's clothing ones.  I follow a number of bloggers and I always feel so inspired when I see their amazing photos of the clothes that they have been making.  I make a lot of clothing for myself as well, but I never get around to blogging about it, mainly because I never have any decent photos.  For this post I enlisted the help of my four year old son and my husband to take some photos of my latest make.  My son tried his hardest but all I ended up with was some decidedly blurry shots.  I suspect my husband didn't really try at all and all I got from him was one 'chopped off at the belly button' shot.  So as a last resort I ended up taking selfies in the mirror.

So here it is.  My latest skirt.  New Look 6843.

This is a nice and easy make.  It does say on the envelope "1 hour easy sewing time."  This obviously does not refer to anyone who is trying to sew whilst also entertaining a 10 month old and a four year old.  I also decided to line the skirt, which added on a bit more time.  But I'm sure if I had the luxury of sewing uninterrupted I'd be able to knock this skirt out in the time promised.

Photo courtesy of my 4 year old son

Hubby's Shot

My 'Selfies',

I was  pretty happy with the final product, but when I make it again (already chosen the fabric), I will add a bit more to the length.