Thursday, 25 June 2015

Darth Vadar Costume

 Tamati's latest obsession is Star Wars. I have been promising him a Darth Vadar costume for ages, so as soon as I finished his sisters quiet book he informed me that the costume was to be my next project. Like most four year olds Tamati is not the most patient so in order to speed up the process I bought a cheap black t shirt and pants to build the costume around.

I copied the mask from here using black felt and white embroidery cotten. I backed the back of the mask with another piece of felt so all the loose threads didn't get in the way. 

I used felt to sew on the details for the T-shirt, using this pin as my inspiration
The cape was a simple sew. Just a rectangle of black fabric. I sewed Velcro at the top to make it easy for Tamati to get it on and off. Overall I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, as was Tamati. 

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