Friday, 26 June 2015

Draught Stopper

We're back in NZ for our holidays and much to Tamati's delight it has snowed, snowed and snowed.  The temperature has certainly been a big change to what we are used to in Tanzania.  We are staying with my MIL, and she mentioned that she was after a draught stopper.  A quick search on Pinterest found me this site, and one hour later we had a completed draught stopper.

It was a simple sew, two long rectangles sewed together and filled with rice.  It did take 5 kilos of rice and I'm worried that it may be to heavy and rip the stitches, but we'll see how it goes.

I love the fabric and was hoping there would be enough left over to make a dress for Arahia, but no such luck.  Will need another trip to the fabric shop, oh well!

 Two pieces of fabric, 9" by 36".

 Right sides together, sew around the two long edges and one short edge.  After sewn, pack with rice and sew final end.

Arahia giving it her seal of approval.

Enjoying the snow.

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