Thursday, 23 July 2015

NZ Holiday done for another year

This time next week we'll be boarding the plane to take us back to Tanzania.  As always we've had a great time here in NZ catching up with family and friends.  Having a large amount of babysitters on call has made it very easy to get a lot of sewing done. Going back to full time work in August and having a baby who thinks sleeping is for sissy's will mean that my productivity is about to seriously slow down.

Holiday Sewing
 I'm writing this blog to really avoid the horrendous job of packing up our suitcases.  After organising the kiddies toys, clothes and other necessities, packing our favourite NZ foods that we can't do without (Onion dip, Whittakers Peanut Butter Chocolate and Perky Nanas always make there way into our bags), there really isn't much room left for me to take any sewing supplies.  It is near on impossible for me to ever find what I need in Tanzania so for the next few months I will be finding projects that will use up what stash I have over there.  Never fear though, I have a trip planned to South Africa in October without the kiddies, so will be filling up my suitcase there with all sorts of sewing and crafting goodies.

This morning I packed up my small sewing space I had found for myself at my Mums.  Again it was another job I had been avoiding but it had to be done.  Thankfully both kiddies managed to find ways to keep themselves entertained whilst I was doing this.

Tamati making necklaces with Nana's buttons

Arahia playing with the fabric scraps

One of the best things about tidying up is finding long forgotten goodies.  When I found out I was pregnant with a girl my mum dug out some of her old toddler patterns.  At the time I put them away and promptly forgot about them.  I was super pleased today to find them and will definitely find a space in my luggage to get them back to Tanzania. I love that I can make clothes for my daughter from the same patterns that my mum used to make clothes for me.

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